About Us

“MyBeatingHeart” was formed in mid-2013 by Manchester based Writer / Actor Mick Cooper as platform for new and exciting pieces of theatre.

We are a professional, inclusive theatre company with a passion for modern, original and thought provoking theatre.

Our show “STUFF” won the Audience Favourite Show Awards at Manchester’s 24:7 Theatre Festival in 2014

Poignant yet very, very funny in places, Mick Cooper’s play could yet prove to be the 24:7 production this year that goes out into the world to proclaim very loudly what a unique and fantastic event 24:7 is, despite the woefully-misguided, terrifyingly unhelpful attitude of the Arts Council, who’ve just, scandalously, snubbed them again.” – Manchester Theatre Awards on STUFF at 24:7

Surprisingly poignant and tear-jerking for a play with so many bad taste jokes in it, you don’t need to have kids or want kids to relate to this, you just have to have a beating heart.” – Views from the Gods on STUFF (National Tour 2015)

The brilliance with which Troll presents the unique world of the internet on stage is certainly worthy of praise. The dialogue is sharp, witty and genuinely hilarious, with cleverly written and insightful jokes, as well as a whole host of puns, a favourite of internet users.” – Mancunian Matters on Troll Keyboard Warrior

“The King’s Arms, Salford, are holding a ‘Play For Free’ Festival. There’s no charge for seats but the audience are invited to make a donation to cover the costs of the show. This is a bold, risky venture but if ‘My Beating Heart’s production of ‘Braving Faces’ (running until 11th January 2014) is anything to go by, one that deserves to succeed.” - Remote Goat on Braving Faces

Previous Shows Include:

STUFF (National Tour 2015)
Twelve Days of Christmas (Short Film)
STUFF (24:7 Festival 2014)
Troll (Keyboard Warrior)
Life’s Witness
Braving Faces