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Greater Manchester Fringe ’15

I love theatre and try to get to as much as possible – especially work that could be classified as “fringe” and that which is in the Greater Manchester area. Last year, I saw a whopping 47 different shows (5 short of target, dammit…)

This year has started a little slower, but with the GM Fringe in full swing, this gives me an opportunity to add to my tally. The Summer of Stuff is having a short break, so below are my daily recommendations for The Greater Manchester Fringe. I’d love to get to as many of these as I can and hopefully there’s something on here you didn’t know about and like the look of.
(Please note: I’m not a reviewer or critic. I’m also horribly biased. I’ll try and make it clear why I’m recommending each show)
8th July - Snatched from Home
WHY RECOMMENDING?: Because Andy Marsden is in it and he’s great!
9th July - The Messiah
WHY? Because I’ve not seen theatre in the Ruby Lounge before and it’s a cool space. The tag line is “King of the Gusset”
10th July - Mr Smith
WHY? The company behind it – Rising Moon – is a MTA winner, so it should be good.
11th July - Knock Knock
WHY? It’s new writing and I like the poster. It stars Amy Forrest who is great and the writer won an award at Buxton for her last show.
Knock Knock

Knock Knock

WHY? I fancied including some standup on here, and the team at The Skinny are top.
13th July - Under Manc Wood
WHY? New writing albeit adapted from Dylan Thomas. It sounds pretty and oddly wet.
WHY? It’s Lass Productions. And the reviews are great.
15th July - The Gambit
WHY? Because it stars Ben Thomas and he was brilliant in “Harvey” at The Lass amongst many other things.
The Gambit

The Gambit

WHY? I think I’ve seen them before… The reviews look brilliant.
17th July - Murder by Numbers
WHY? IT LOOKS AWESOME. It’s a Interactive Murder Mystery.
18th July - A Dream Play
WHY? Because it ALSO has Andy Marsden in, he’s in everything.
19th July - Safe Mode
WHY? It’s the follow on from Android last year which was really clever. Rebecca “Del” Derrick returns which is great to see and Nathan Boo Morris has joined the cast (his performance in The C Project last year was one of the best things I saw all year)
Photo by Alec Vanderboom

Photo by Alec Vanderboom

20th July - The Mercury Complex
WHY? A girl who wants to be Freddie Mercury. It sounds nice and at £3 and 30mins has to be most “low risk” gamble to take on a show.
21st July - Mouth
WHY? The boy Marsden again, he is a part of the MBH family after all. The posters look intriguing too.


22nd July - Phone Whore
WHY? I wrote a play with the phrase “bollock yoghurt”. It only feels right to recommend a play called Phone Whore.
WHY? Because it’s Shaun of the Dead Live.
WHY? Bit pricey, but I like good food, Fools and Horses and puns.
WHY? Fancy a bit of a sing song for the weekend
WHY? Directed by MTA Nominated Colin Connor
27th July - Bump
WHY? It looks fun from what I’ve seen of the rehearsal shots
WHY? Same reasons as Fools and Courses
29th July - Mancunian Rhapsody
WHY? It looks like a fun show
30th July - Jakubiak
WHY? Curious. Not sure what it’s about but something about is interesting and the reviews for the company look good
31st July - Women Who Wank
WHY? Always happy to buy a show based on a title… Plus we’ve saved you problems if you try and search for the show.
What have we missed???
Mick Cooper – MBH
PS: If you’re interested, last year’s shows – in alphabetical order – were….39 Steps, A Winter’s Tale, Afterglow, All The Bens, Android, Anonymity, Before Juliet, Box, Braving Faces, Colder Than Here, Contact Compacts, Desh, Design4Living, Generation of Z, Headspace, Hidden, In Camera, In My Bed, JB Shorts 11, JB Shorts 12, Knightmare Live!, Knightmare Live – Level 2!, Last Christmas, Life’s Witness, Living with Mr Happy, My Boy Jack, New Live Theatre Showcase, Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show, One Hand Clapping, Pass, Porno Chic, Rage, Rehearsal Space, Rock of Ages, Someone who’ll watch over me, Ssssh! The Improvised Movie, Stuff, Terra Haute, The C Project, The Last 5 Years, The Lives and Loves of Vera Dymond, The Tongue Twister, The Way Men Breathe, Three Women, To The Dam, War Stories and Time of My Life!!